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Mindless listening or no listening at all, in large part, is responsible for the national tragedies that surround us: the high rate of divorce, intolerance, schoolyard and workplace violence and substance abuse.  From an economic perspective, poor listening is responsible for billions of dollars of lost revenue due to inefficient teamwork, high turnover, and customer dissatisfaction.  And, if the overloaded health care system hasn’t done enough to weaken the physician-patient relationship, add a poor bedside manner to the mix and you have a costly prescription for malpractice.

Why has our ability to listen deeply gone by the wayside? Chronic interruptions and distractions abound, texting, social media, Internet addictions, and our hyperactive schedules have fragmented our attention spans to new lows. It’s possible that with a little change every day you can control distractions and connect better with the important people in your life.

Mindful listening is a most powerful way to connect with people and information. Its influence can be viral, health-promoting and life-changing. And best of all, just by making a few tweaks in the way you listen to another person you can turn around a sour relationship, negotiate more effectively and build cooperation.

When mindfulness is infused into the process of communication, a listener can:

  • process more of the message – verbal and non-verbal
  • sustain attention over time
  • make a speaker feel valued and respected
  • listen better to oneself
  • listen under stressful conditions

Mindful listening is good for your health and the health of those we listen to. Mindful Listening practice is also a great workout for your brain. Learn ways to process and retain spoken information more efficiently.

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