Time and Energy Wasters – Stop the Madness!

#1 Redundancy – how many lists and calendars have you?  I had to write this blog today after a new client came in with 4 calendar books and 3 GAGS (my acronym for Gimmicks, Apps and Gadgets) to manage his schedule. Folks- Less is More!  He was taking a couple hours each day ( Holy Cow!!) filling them all in, adding fancy color coding, cross-checking and looking for them.  Consolidate your life into one week-at-a-glance calendar book and one to-do list, and  THAT’S IT! There are many enticing and expensive agenda books out there, the more expensive they are, the more fun they are and the more time you’ll waste filling them out versus doing the work you need to get done. You are fooling yourself into being “busy” in this way.

#2  Perfection is the enemy of “good enough and on time.”

Try to get to the bottom on your “perfectionism.” Are you anxious about the quality of the deliverable, worried that it will not meet acceptable standards – then what can you do about it? Perhaps your perfectionism is really procrastination?  Ask me about my invincible 80/20 approach to procrastination.

#3 Are you allowing the 50-60 interruptions a day that are robbing you of time and money? How often do you:

  • check your phone?
  • take unscreened incoming phone calls?
  • sneak in a podcast or video game?
  • shop online (Gotta have that new GAG or self help book today? Really? You know when it arrives it will either sit in a pile of others you thought would change your life, or take up valuable work time)?
  • accept the drop-in office “Do you have a sec?” visits

STOP the Madness today!


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