There’s Focus, and Then There’s FOCUS

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Mindful CommunicationHere’s the most common complaint I receive from mentors and investors who are sponsoring entrepreneurs: “Please help my protégé improve her focus. It’s getting in the way of getting things done. Because of her lack of focus, we are losing trust in her ability to do what’s needed to move things along in a timely way.”  Sounds like someone you know? Here are some thoughts…

The trouble with her focus is likely a lack of FOCUS. In trep-talk, “focus” relates to keeping a product’s features to a high quality minimum, rather than trying to be all things to all people. If you strike gold on your first startup attempt, focus means avoiding the impulse to get involved simultaneously in other big projects, as they will sap energy and resources needed to sustain the first business. If you have trouble with focus, it’s  because it’s hard for you to FOCUS.

FOCUS, on the other hand, is the ability to lock into a task that needs to get done above all others. It means having a plan for getting the task done, and working steadily and consistently toward the outcome you have in mind. Or, if many tasks need attention, if you can shift seamlessly between them, giving 100% concentration to each task, that’s FOCUS. Do you go down the rabbit hole of details and stray from the main point? Do you waste minutes and hours on pleasant distractions instead of getting a task completed?

Here are a couple of ways (and there are many others) you can start today to improve your FOCUS:

When someone asks you a question, can you answer him in no more than two sentences? Can you edit your answers before you speak and give them just the information they need and nothing more? (If they want more details, they’ll ask.) This also goes for your writing texts and emails.

If you carve out one hour to get X done, set a timer to buzz every 15 minutes. When that buzzer goes off, what are you doing? If not X, then it will act as a reminder to get back to X.

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