The “Thinking Brain” Versus the “Emotional Brain.”

Yes, we only have one brain. But at times, there appears to be a duel going on. Look around you and listen to conversations. We’ve all witnessed situations where someone’s emotional brain is taking over their thinking brain – they are angry or sullen perhaps, consistently negative, and refuse to take another perspective. Then there are those conversations where emotions appear to be totally absent – the poker-faced problem solver who appears not to relate to the feelings of the person they are talking to.

Occasionally, we run into someone who seems to strike a balance between the two brains. He or she is mostly positive and joyful, yet on the watch for extremes. They consider their emotions and the feelings of others as part of the decision making process, but in the end they take the right action and get things done.

An exercise I give my clients is to take a day and notice which brain is in charge most of the time? When you get lazy, what happens? When something upsetting occurs, do you linger on it beyond its due? Like steering a ship on a rocky sea, can you maintain a steadiness or do you let the waves toss you about?

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