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Becky Shafir CORE

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The COREageous Entrepreneur:
Four Core Skills and Routines Every Founder Needs to Succeed

Popular TV shows like Shark Tank and The Profit inspire millions of self-starters to seek fulfillment and financial independence through entrepreneurship. Exuberance is high, but so are the failure rates of new businesses. The most common reason, research shows, is because these businesses “run out of cash.”  Author, speech and language pathologist and entrepreneur coach, Rebecca Shafir, looked deeper and discovered that business failure begins and ends with the behaviors of the founder: unmanaged stress, impulsivity, procrastination and poor communication. Shafir dispels the notion that passion, expertise and courage are enough to start and sustain a new business. It takes CORE. Like the core muscles that stabilize your body, you need a sturdy set of four core skills and routines to endure the rigors of entrepreneurship: emotional control, focus and follow through, communication competence and Shark (investor) readiness. If you are a wantrepreneur, an intrapreneur, or a repeat entrepreneur defy failure and get COREageous!

The COREageous Entrepreneur: Four Core Skills and Routines Every Founder Needs to Succeed - Rebecca Shafir - Mindful Communication
Rebecca Shafir – Mindful Communication

Speaking with Power and Persuasion: Voice Coaching for Business Professionals

Instructor: Rebecca Shafir M.A.CCC

Your voice speaks volumes about you, more than what you have to say. In 8 seconds or less your average prospect will determine whether or not you are worthy of their continued attention and investment. The essence of trust, motivation, persuasion and passion are carried by the sound of your voice, the clarity of your speech and how you move.

Why sabotage yourself, your product or your brand with a lackluster delivery? Rebecca will teach you or your group the techniques used by political candidates, radio/TV personalities and the top sales pros in the country.

Key Take Aways:

  • which mental and physical exercises to use to best reveal your best vocal image
  • what verbal and non-verbal dynamics best augment your style and personality and which to do away with
  • Specific ways to practice these techniques and how burn them into muscle memory

Here’s how it works:


There is a range of customized approaches. For example, each student can obtain a personal baseline assessment (see below). Coaching is interactive in a lecture/demonstration/application format. Each student gets one-on-one coaching in front of the other class members or in private. Sessions can range from 2 – 4 hour sessions with a follow session for maximum benefit. Fees are based on the size of the group and services requested.


  1. Baseline session – assesses one’s current level of presentation skill, identifies personal objectives, and analyzes audience feedback, review of videos (if available), a baseline recording and voice analysis.
  2. Coaching sessions (in person, by phone or Skype) per hour 1-2 times a week or once every other week depending on deadlines for improvement. Consistency is key! The average numbers of sessions are 4-8.
REbecca Shafir Mindful Commiunication


We had the great pleasure of having Rebecca Shafir lead a development workshop for a group of 7 specialty pharmaceutical sales representatives two weeks ago.  Rebecca came extremely prepared for the presentation with specific exercises focused on our unique selling situation.

Rebecca shared with us many tools to increase our level of mindful communication.  The “nuggets” that were most valuable to our group were:

  • Tools to help us become better listeners by “getting into the speaker’s movie”
  • Learn ways to help others be better listeners
  • Recognize listening barriers and how to overcome them

Rebecca was extremely professional, prepared and enthusiastic.  I am in the process of scheduling her to work with our training department and customer service department to further develop associates throughout Teva Neuroscience.  I highly recommend Rebecca for any type of audience, as we all can become better listeners and mindful.

Jessica Grussing, Regional Sales ManagerTeva Neuroscience


Digest good advice to make you healthy, wealthy and wise!

LUNCHtime LEARNING sessions are 45 minute informative discussions at your workplace on topics for enhancing mental health, relationships and personal productivity. These interactive formats give participants solutions that produce immediate improvements in their lives.

  • No time for expensive, time-consuming corporate training?
  • Tired of staring at a talking head on a computer or phone?
  • Interested in an affordable and energizing perk for your employees that also enhances your bottom line?

Speaker:  Rebecca Shafir, a speech and language pathologist, neurotherapist, martial artist, coach and author of the award-winning and best- selling The Zen of Listening: Mindful Communication in the Age of Distraction and Speaking with Power and Persuasion has been presenting to audiences of all sizes and interests for more than 20 years. Audiences are given practical and easy –to-implement tips that pay off in noticeable, life-changing ways.


The Life Changing Power of Mindful Listening: Using the tools that Rebecca has successfully honed in her 20+ years of training people to listen mindfully, you will learn the four characteristics of a mindful listener and how, by making a couple changes in your mindset, you can make communication easier. How to listen to difficult people and how to handle conflict and criticism are top discussion points. Improve your key relationships immediately by ridding yourself of the tendency to ”RAID” conversations.

Fearless Public Speaking: Fear of public speaking (includes everything from making a phone call to speaking to a group of a thousand or more) still ranks at Number One on the Greatest Fears List. It is also one of the easiest fears to overcome, if approached correctly. Don’t let public speaking jitters derail your career path or your health. Rebecca’s shares her most practical and do-able ways to diminish to this vexing problem.

Speaking with Power and Persuasion: Rebecca will describe and demonstrate several of the techniques used by political candidates, radio/TV personalities and top sales pros in the country that exude the essence of trust, motivation, persuasion and passion. Audience participation is optional, but encouraged. Learn which techniques are best suited to your style and which ones you can apply immediately to create the power frame needed to influence and persuade.

Calm, Cool and Connected: New Medication-free Ways to Manage Stress and Anxiety:  At least 30 million children and adults in the U.S. suffer from chronic anxiety; many others are undiagnosed. Medications can be helpful, but long-term use can be detrimental and some side-effects can be intolerable. Rebecca offers alternative, up-to-date solutions for managing stress and anxiety with or without the use of medications, and gives examples of her clinical triumphs with these methods.

For more information or to schedule a LUNCHtime Learning session for your employees, call Rebecca Shafir at 978 255 1817 or email Rebecca.

Rebecca Shafir, Mindfull communication

Staying Sharp: Brain Fitness for Boomers and Beyond

We are living and working longer and stronger than generations before us! However, our brains need special attention to keep up with 21st Century stress and distraction. What do the sharpest Boomers and Seniors know and do that makes their memories strong, enhances their productivity and encourages young people to be around them?

In this hour presentation, Rebecca Shafir, speech pathologist with over 25 years experience, reveals cutting edge discoveries in brain fitness and gives several practical strategies you can work into your daily life to stay sharp. Audiences will learn about:

  • Neuroplasticity and neurogenesis
  • Biological age markers and the power of one’s psychological age
  • 5 pillars of brain health and how to bolster them
  • Practical ways to sneak in a little (to a lot) of brain training every day

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For more information about Rebecca’s talks and services, contact Rebecca or call 978 255 1817.

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