Say No to This

If you saw the Broadway musical Hamilton, you are familiar with  “Say No to This the song Hamilton sings when he’s tempted to cheat on his wife. If you want to capture this refrain for the purposes of resisting the temptation to do things NOT on your to-do list, check it out here. It’s one of those catchy rap tunes you can’t forget, and one that can guide you towards a productive versus the self-sabotaging path that contributed to Hamilton’s downfall.

Another good reason for knowing when to say NO and being able to say NO, is that it frees you up for saying YES to activities that more directly contribute to your company’s success and your personal well-being. We learn to say “no” so we can say “yes” to:

  • business opportunities that hold great potential
  • setting aside quality time with your family
  • carving out time to listen to team members and customers
  • regular exercise, a healthy diet and good sleep.

Say NO much of the time, so you can say YES more often.


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