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Imagine yourself: Efficient, Productive and Confident! Feels Awesome? Let me help you make it happen.

Imagine yourself: Efficient, Productive and Confident! Feels Awesome? Let me help you make it happen.

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Become a COREageous Entrepreneur

Have you the core skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneur? One-on-one COREFour Coaching will teach you the four core skills and routines that every self-starter needs to succeed: emotional control, focus and follow through, competent communication and investor readiness.

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Speaking with Power and Persuasion

A powerful vocal image communicates confidence, leadership and know-how. Learn how to create presence and enhance your ability to educate and persuade an audience in person or on the phone. Rebecca provides individual or group voice coaching to a wide range of business professionals and entrepreneurs. Learn how to speak with power and persuasion.


EARS makes students successful adults

EARS train students to manage emotions, problem-solve, to work smarter not harder and to get things done – the skills of successful people.

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The Zen of Listening

Poor listening is the source of many headaches and heartaches in our lives – failed relationships, lost customers, divorce and poor grades – just to name a few.

Rebecca Shafir’s award-winning book, The Zen of Listening: Mindful Communication in the Age of Distraction gives readers simple, authentic and reliable ways to connect more efficiently with people and information.

The mindful listening method utilizes more brain power, thus improving concentration, memory, focus and the ability to capture more than just the spoken word. Shafir provides readers with a solid foundation for listening needed to deal with today’s communication challenges – difficult people, information overload and reduced attention spans.

Join the legions of readers worldwide who have experienced the life-changing experiences that come from mindful listening.

The Zen of Listening was first place winner of ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Award in 2000 and has been translated into Spanish, German and Turkish. / EbookQuest Books


Speaking with Power and Persuasion

We all love the convenience of a short, precise text message, but it comes at a cost. More and more people are ill equipped to pick up a phone or arrange an in-person meeting, and often even the idea of speaking causes actual anxiety.

In Speaking with Power and Persuasion, I give you the tools to engage in meaningful communication with easy to learn steps.

Whether you are a self-promoter, salesperson, educator, political candidate, business leader, or student learning English as a second language, Speaking with Power and Persuasion, explains:

  • how the body and voice work together to produce a strong vocal image;
  • tips for taking the stress out of speaking situations;
  • erasing bad habits that make you hard to listen to, like nasality, hoarseness, or a monotone;
  • ways to communicate certainty, approachability, and animation when you speak;
  • speech and vocal techniques that help you sound smart, credible, and trustworthy;
  • actors’ tricks so you’re heard clearly at the back of the room;• yoga for the voice—measures to keep your voice in tiptop shape;
  • how to practice the techniques that dramatically improve receptiveness to your ideas;
  • ways for a person with learning differences or disabilities to communicate more effectively;
  • how families with a learning disabled child can communicate to manage stress and help their child succeed;
  • what the ESL speaker can do to reduce a strong accent and connect better with native English speakers;
  • ways for a native speaker to help a nonnative speaker improve their English pronunciation.

Unlike most advice on improving your speaking that you might receive from a sales trainer or debate coach, Speaking with Power and Persuasion comes from a professional with a solid scientific understanding of the workings of the voice.

The techniques I teach are precise, practical, and sustainable. You learn what to do, how often to practice, and exactly why the exercises improve the impression you make on others.

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For more information about Rebecca’s talks and services, contact Rebecca , call her at 978 255 1817 or at The Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Health 978 287 0810.

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