Get Up and Roar!

My previous post was about morning rituals. Since then, I received emails from folks wanting tips for just getting up early enough to start a morning ritual! If you are like most of my free agent clients, morning rituals might get a late start if you go to bed super late or toss and turn all night. (See my website for “ Tips for Quality Sleep) But, this post is for those who call themselves “lazy,” who are able to get up, are well rested and just want to stay warm ‘n cozy. Yes, there are the atomic alarm clocks, set far enough away so you have to get up to go shut them off. Then, there is the ice-water drip method favored by spouses and children who are fast on their feet. To avoid the slight irritation that may accompany these approaches, I have another suggestion.

On those days when you feel like slacking, the words of Marcus Aurelius may get you up and out of bed: “I am rising to do the work of a human being.” Folks, you were not born into this world just to seek pleasure; you have work to do and goals to pursue. While you neglect your work, notice how the birds, insects, plants and all of nature have been up for hours doing their specific jobs in their capacity, working to make this planet habitable for you and contributing to the Cosmos. They have no opinion; there is no slacking. They innately know their purpose and act accordingly.

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