Founders: Flex your Emotional Muscle

Have you ever been called “emotionally rigid” or “inflexible?”  Or more insultingly, have you ever been accused of having a low emotional IQ? What does that mean, and what do you need to work on to be “emotionally smarter?” A high emotional IQ is definitely a plus in a startup, and it can’t hurt at home either. Although there are over 15 measures of emotional intelligence, these are the top 5 measures of emotional intelligence that I have noticed that are most important to a founder :

1) You analyze your strengths and accept your weaknesses – very helpful when needing to delegate.

2) You look behind a person’s behavior for the reasons they do and say things – taking different perspectives helps you creatively solve problems.

3) You welcome criticism from people in-the-know – different perspectives of you, your product or service is gold to the future of your business.

(Obviously, I’m big on perspective-taking)

4) You pause before you speak or act, particularly under stress − you are the model of control; you set the emotional tone for the group.

5) “Good job, excellent, please,” and “thank you” spill from your lips often —workers would rather work in a positive environment than make more money.

Let me know what you think!

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