What Are Executive Functions? The Signet Way

Jay Bacrania, Signet CEO
Jay Bacrania, Signet CEO

Signet CEO Jay Bacrania shares an interview with Rebecca Shafir. The conversation covered managing executive functions (and dysfunctions) in students, as well as topics such as mindful communication, personal responsibility, and the life lessons that will help students thrive well into adulthood.

“The phrase executive functions is definitely an educational buzzword these days, but it’s hard to get a handle on what it actually means. Do you have a succinct working definition for executive functions you use with parents and families?

I think of executive functions as having three components: getting work done, getting work done well, and getting work done on time. When you put those things together, they really do encompass the more clinical aspects of executive functions, such as inhibition, shifting, working memory, and emotional regulation.”

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