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“In this way you must understand how laughable it is to say, ‘Tell me what to do!’ What advice could I possibly give? No, a far better request is, ‘Train my mind to adapt to any circumstance.’…In this way, if circumstances take you off script…you won’t be desperate for new prompting.”  -Epictetus, Discourses, 2.2.20b−1; 24b−25a

My friends! Stop with the self-help books, GAGs (Gimmicks, Apps and Gadgets) lists of tips and strategies. Let’s Train Your Mind!  

Learn to stand back and observe problems to solve them more efficiently. Meet Caleb “an entrepreneur in the making” whose experience may help you!

6 Week CollegeCore Coaching Results:

Ground Zero: His productivity was barely above 25%.

Week Four: Productivity at week four vacillated between 40-60%.

Week Five: Caleb’s productivity rose to a consistent 80%.  

Caleb, a bright and enterprising 26 year old graduate student with self- declared “attention deficit” symptoms, and desperate to finish his Masters degree in Entrepreneurship became overwhelmed with assignments, projects and a part time job. Caleb sought help from the college learning center where he got tips and strategies for meeting his goals. These failed to work. 

When Caleb came to me for coaching he was a bundle of nerves, and understandably so. His productivity was barely above 25% percent. He thought he needed “a better list” of tips and strategies for getting work done and turned in on time.

My CollegeCore Approach: We needed to stand back 30,000 feet together and calmly observe his situation. When tips and strategies fail someone who is highly motivated and intellectually capable, we need to look to the core of the problem. 9/10 times the core culprits are weaknesses in emotional regulation, focus and follow-through and/or communication. Caleb and I focused on the core of the core−his anxiety. Our work included:

  • 10 minutes of relaxation breathing and biofeedback each morning 
  • Practice shifting from negative to constructive self talk
  • More efficient ways to communicate with his teachers and his boss. 
  • Normalizing his sleep schedule 
  • A focus-enhancing 20 minute exercise regimen. 

 After a couple weeks Caleb felt more in control−projects were getting done, grades were improving and his work schedule was more flexible. Best of all, he was becoming more objective and less emotional when solving problems. Productivity by week 5 was 80%.

By the end of the program, Caleb confessed that prior to the CollegeCore coaching his dream of starting his own business was dubious. He asked himself, “How can I lead others, if I can’t manage myself?” Given that the failure rate of new businesses exceeds 50%, this is precisely the question that all entrepreneurs need to ask themselves. Fortunately, Caleb learned how to be “the CEO of Caleb” before starting a business. 

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