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Mindless listening or no listening at all, in large part, is responsible for the national tragedies that surround us: the high rate of divorce, intolerance, schoolyard and workplace violence and substance abuse. From an economic perspective, poor listening is responsible for billions of dollars of lost revenue due to inefficient teamwork, high turnover, and customer dissatisfaction.

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Fear of Feedback

Q: We have a very sensitive engineer who is key to our startup. My partner and I have to be very careful how we phrase anything regarding his work. I’m not even talking about constructive criticism; it may just be something said in passing. We try very hard not to say...

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Who Could Use the Gift of Connection?

You know who I mean − the relative sitting in the corner outside of the conversation. It’s the same every holiday. Perhaps that person is elderly, has a physical or a psychological problem that prevents them from interacting. He or she may have a hearing or memory...

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A Visionary’s Soliloquy

Theresa B. from Pittsburgh, PA writes: “My mind is a jumble of ideas, and when I have a great one I want my exec team to get to  work on it ASAP. ( I probably have ADHD or something like that.) They roll their eyes, sit back and make me feel like a child. There have...

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