Testimonials / Emergency Academic Recovery System (EARS)

This is our 3rd week in the EARS program and the results have been terrific. Rebecca has approached my son’s school performance issues in a light he will accept – positive problem solving! With the new routines are coming new habits. We ( my wife and I) are able to go back to being supporters instead of naggers.

Ben C.
Boston, MA

The EARS program got to the heart of my son’s executive dysfunction by targeting his anxiety. We spend hundreds on coaches who noted the problem but couldn’t change it. Rebecca did! In fact, our whole family uses her stress management methods and we are better for it. EARS has been a life-saver for us.

Jillian C.
Lexington, MA

We have great news – RJ finished with two B pluses! He was accepted on Monday as a full time Bio major! We are all beyond excited for him! Thank you so much for your EARS assistance this past summer and fall and helping him get to this place.

Mary D.
Amesbury, MA

Rebecca Shafir’s EARS program is a brilliant and effective executive function training program focused on emotional regulation and independent problem solving. Results have been life-changing for the students and their parents. Rebecca helps students emerge from academic troubles by teaching them skills and habits of the most successful people I know.

Dr. Edward H.

After flunking out of college twice with tutors, Rebecca Shafir’s EARS program was our son’s last chance to “get it together.” This semester he earned a B+ average and we are thrilled. He’s working towards A’s next semester – we can’t believe the change. Thank you Rebecca!

Larry and Joan K.
Natick, MA

Rebecca, we are writing to express our thanks for helping our daughter Jenna return to school in January. We could no longer tolerate her chronic procrastination and disorganization resulting in failing grades. She’s well on her way to becoming an independent and successful adult and we thank you and the EARS program immensely.

Susan and Richard P.
Wayland, MA

Testimonials / COREageous Entrepreneur

Courage I had, Core I didn’t have. Your core training helped me get back on track with the grunt work needed to get my pet care business off the ground. It’s been 4 months now, and I’m on time, on target with my to-do list, and in the black for the first time! Thank you Rebecca! I will keep you updated with more boasting to come.

Larry D.
Providence , RI

Your COREageous core training last month was a “jumpstarter” for my staff. We all agree that the results are paying off big time – even our customers notice the greater efficiency. Most appreciated was the segment on new ways to manage anxiety and procrastination. Other speakers have given us some good tips, but making it happen is what you did for us. Procrastination lost us over a million dollars last year, so we are 80/20 in 2015!

Dean B.
Cambridge, MA

Working with you has been life changing. Your “core” work has paid off, not only for my business but for my family. It’s great to have the confidence and mental stamina to stay productive.

Dan H.
Arlington, MA

Thanks to your core work, I’m actually reaping the benefits from having ADHD! Meds were a help, but it was the control of focus you’ve given me. My start up surpassed its mark for the first time in 3 years! Now I’m not only ADHD, I’m COREageous! Thank you!

Cindy M.
Wakefield, MA

Testimonials / The Zen of Listening

The best thing I learned from our core work together was how to listen mindfully. It has been the game changer in my business and relationships. I recommend The Zen of Listening to my friends and co-workers. Now if I can get my husband to listen better….!

Sarah J.
Lynn MA

I’m on my second time around reading of The Zen of Listening. I feel it’s my private workshop and I read it ever so slowly and wince every time you describe one of my distancing techniques. I’m giving a copy to my best friend so we can discuss it. I plan to read it over and over again until I can feel your advice pulsating through my veins! I’m 76, by the way, and have been trying to listen mindfully and lovingly for 40 years!

With love and prayers,
Aggie M.

Testimonials / Speaking with Power and Persuasion

Your audiobook Speaking with Power and Persuasion has helped me be more effective in taming my accent and getting across my message. I recommend it to all professionals but especially to other foreign born business people like me. My consulting business has picked up probably because I’m sounding like the expert I have always been! Thank you Rebecca.

Shree P.
Princeton, NJ

Rebecca, I’m writing to thank you for Speaking with Power and Persuasion. I’m an educational advocate and I had a hard time getting people to really hear me and make things happen for parents. Your audio book gave me practical strategies and the confidence to be more assertive and helpful in getting LD students what they need. I’m making it mandatory listening for my SPEDPAC!

Leslie G.
Boston, MA