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LUNCHtime LEARNING sessions are 45 minute informative discussions at your workplace on topics for enhancing mental health, relationships and personal productivity. These interactive formats give participants solutions that produce immediate improvements in their lives.

  • No time for expensive, time-consuming corporate training?
  • Tired of staring at a talking head on a computer or phone?
  • Interested in an affordable and energizing perk for your employees that also enhances your bottom line?

Speaker:  Rebecca Shafir, a speech and language pathologist, neurotherapist, martial artist, coach and author of the award-winning and best- selling The Zen of Listening: Mindful Communication in the Age of Distraction and Speaking with Power and Persuasion has been presenting to audiences of all sizes and interests for more than 20 years. Audiences are given practical and easy –to-implement tips that pay off in noticeable, life-changing ways. Read reviews


The Life Changing Power of Mindful Listening: Using the tools that Rebecca has successfully honed in her 20+ years of training people to listen mindfully, you will learn the four characteristics of a mindful listener and how, by making a couple changes in your mindset, you can make communication easier. How to listen to difficult people and how to handle conflict and criticism are top discussion points. Improve your key relationships immediately by ridding yourself of the tendency to ”RAID” conversations.

Fearless Public Speaking: Fear of public speaking (includes everything from making a phone call to speaking to a group of a thousand or more) still ranks at Number One on the Greatest Fears List. It is also one of the easiest fears to overcome, if approached correctly. Don’t let public speaking jitters derail your career path or your health. Rebecca’s shares her most practical and do-able ways to diminish to this vexing problem.

Speaking with Power and Persuasion: Rebecca will describe and demonstrate several of the techniques used by political candidates, radio/TV personalities and top sales pros in the country that exude the essence of trust, motivation, persuasion and passion. Audience participation is optional, but encouraged. Learn which techniques are best suited to your style and which ones you can apply immediately to create the power frame needed to influence and persuade.

Calm, Cool and Connected: New Medication-free Ways to Manage Stress and Anxiety:  At least 30 million children and adults in the U.S. suffer from chronic anxiety; many others are undiagnosed. Medications can be helpful, but long-term use can be detrimental and some side-effects can be intolerable. Rebecca offers alternative, up-to-date solutions for managing stress and anxiety with or without the use of medications, and gives examples of her clinical triumphs with these methods.

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