Core Four Executive Function Coaching & Training

for Entrepreneurs with ADD/ADHD or Attention Deficit Traits 978 255 1817
Rebecca Shafir M.A.CCC, author and speech language pathologist with over 25 years experience helps business people and entrepreneurs with ADD/ADHD move forward with their projects. The CORE FOUR method addresses the four skills and routines needed to excel as an intrapreneur or an entrepreneur:

  • Emotional flexibility
  • Focus and Follow Through
  • Communication Competence
  • Shark Readiness

Following a 90 minute interview a customized program is designed with your personal objectives in mind. Strengthening the Core Four skills and routines will help you:

  • Manage procrastination
  • Improve attention, sustained concentration, learning and memory
  • Get organized
  • Manage your use of time
  • Plan and prioritize
  • Get started and get stuff done
  • Listen mindfully
  • Speak and Pitch with Power and Persuasion

Sessions are offered at the Hallowell Center in Sudbury or West Newbury, MA. Call (978) 255-1817 or email Rebecca ( for a complimentary inquiry call to learn more about how she can help you get more done with less effort, gain more confidence and be happier!